• Adrian Tsang

    Adrian Tsang

    A local wrestling promoter.
  • Ava Balagot (a.k.a. "Kandi")

    Ava Balagot (a.k.a. "Kandi")

    A filipino lady of the evening.
  • Burton Kent

    Burton Kent

    A man of dubious character.
  • Confessional Kid

    Confessional Kid

    A young boy that has a dark secret to confess.
  • Curtis Stafford

    Curtis Stafford

    A young grad student attending DePaul. Often shows up unnanounced to Jonah's apartment.
  • Douglas Cavanaugh

    Douglas Cavanaugh

    A severely depressed man who is essentially a hermit after the unexpected death of his wife.
  • Jacob Stanford

    Jacob Stanford

    An up and coming local politician. Mayoral candidate in the upcoming election.
  • James Mann

    James Mann

    A local independent semi-pro wrestler.
  • Judith Flintblack

    Judith Flintblack

    Judith is the sister of Jonah Flintblack. She currently lives in Connecticut.
  • Kevin Grant

    Kevin Grant

    A day laborer at Peacehaven Cemetery
  • Mr Applejohn

    Mr Applejohn

    Lead Editor of the Trumpeter, Chicagoland's second largest newspaper.
  • Nicole Arroyo

    Nicole Arroyo

    A local independent semi-pro wrestler.
  • Sofia Barron

    Sofia Barron

    Immigrant-turned-landlord. Potential love interest of Jethro Watkins.
  • Victor Arrentz

    Victor Arrentz

    Director of Peacehaven Cemetery
  • Will Waterton

    Will Waterton

    A long-time friend of Grady. Aimless, but reliable.