Douglas Cavanaugh

A severely depressed man who is essentially a hermit after the unexpected death of his wife.


Douglas Cavanaugh is a baby-boomer in the insurance industry. He has two sons, his oldest shares his name, and his penchant for denial, his younger son is Malcolm Cavanaugh.

Five years ago, Douglas Jr. moved to San Diego to pursue a career in advertising, Douglas Sr. began to exhibit signs of depression.

Three years ago, Douglas Sr.’s wife, Nancy, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her initial prognosis was positive, and a course of chemotherapy was initiated.

Two years ago, her immune system weakened by the chemotherapy, Nancy contracted tuberculosis which took her life later that year.

Douglas Sr. hasn’t really been the same since Nancy died, processing his grief poorly. Initially, Mal tried to help his father through the grieving process, but Douglas shut down so completely that Mal couldn’t get through to him. Mal eventually gave up, leaving Douglas to continue a downward spiral of drinking and insipid television. Douglas’ work product has been declining steadily and has reached unacceptable levels. His employer is trying to force him into retirement before he just has to flat-out fire Douglas.


Douglas Cavanaugh

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