Grady Walker


Hunter the Reckoning

Name: Grady Walker

Nature: Truth Seeker

Primary Virtue: Vision

Player: Dan Stanfield

Demeanor : Analyst

Creed: Visionary

Chronicle : Strange Bedfellows

Concept: Reporter

Starting Conviction : 3



Dexterity 3

Strength 1

Stamina 3


Manipulation 1

Charisma 4

Appearance 1


Perception 3

Intelligence 4

Wits 3



Alertness 1

Athletics 2

Awareness 1

Dodge 1

Intutition 1

Streetwise 2

Subterfuge 2


Stealth 2

Survival 2


Academics 2

Linguistics 3

Investigation 3

Research 3





Mercy 0

Vision 2

Zeal 1


Contacts 3

Destiny 3

Patron 3

Conviction: 6

Willpower: 4


From his earliest years, Grady was easily identifiable as one of those impossibly curious types, . Indifferent towards most academic subjects – with his only real interest being reporting, thanks to an old hand-me-down typewriter from a long deceased grandfather.

His parents were murdered in what is still an unsolved case just after he graduated from high school. With his follow ups with the local police department all they could tell him was they saw something they weren’t supposed to, and they weren’t going to let them live anymore.

After this Grady decided to dedicate his life toward bringing the shadowy secrets, the kind said in dark bars, or deserted alleyways. The world needed to know what was happening and goddamnit Grady was going to be the one to deliver it. While at the same time gathering whatever information he could on this mysterious them that had the police so terrified that they couldn’t even tell a 20 something year old kid who killed his parents and why.

The years that followed saw Grady developing as a person who would do just about anything for a story (probably been around more hookers then people three times his age) in his desire to uncover the darkness he developed a passion for urban exploration. He became more streetwise, more knowledgeable of the dark underside of the city, and more capable of using his weaknesses to his advantage.

Gradys real tie to the world that keeps him from going off all over the world chasing some story is his long time friend Will. Will has been there for him his entire life, even grieved with him when catastrophe struck with his parents. Will sometimes goes out with grady on these wild goose chases when grady finds some lead for a story that doesn’t make any sense any is 300 miles out in fucking nowhere.

Presently Grady lives alone in a small flat, having moved out from his grandmothers basement following his induction into the local paper . Tall, skinny, sporting short-cropped brown hair and average, blend-into-the-crowd features, he is never to be found without his tape recorder and trusty crowbar (sometimes getting access to what you need requires actions of questionable legality), the latter of which is hidden underneath an old, oversized duffel coat he wears most of the time. The last few years have taken its toll on Grady, making him a little less sociable only able to keep a relationship with a girl (or guy for that matter) for little more than a couple of months., a little more wary of his surroundings, but his desire to help the helpless and right wrongs still burns within him as bright as ever.

Grady Walker

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