Kevin Grant

A day laborer at Peacehaven Cemetery


Kevin is one of three groundskeepers for the Peacehaven Cemetery, alongside Victor Arrentz and Mal Cavanaugh.

Kevin has a strong sense of entitlement. He has always been in landscaping, but used to work privately for wealthy private landowners. Then he transitioned to golf course maintenance, and when that ended in disgrace, he transitioned to cemetery maintenance. Kevin blames illegal immigrants and Democrats for his current straits, and considers himself to have been failed by the system. Accordingly, Kevin never hesitates to act outside the law for his own benefit. So far, he has been fortunate enough to get away with whatever criminal endeavors he’s been enjoying (the details of which he loudly brags about to anyone who’s willing to listen), endeavors that appear to range from breaking and entering to drug smuggling.

Whether Kevin works that hard when breaking the law, it’s clear that he’s the weak-link in the Peacehaven Cemetery staff, usually claiming expertise in operating excavating equipment, while also claiming sciatica that makes manual digging impossibly difficult for him.

Kevin Grant

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