Nicole Arroyo

A local independent semi-pro wrestler.


Nicole is a wrestler for Adrian Tsang’s Ring of Steel professional wrestling promotion, where she wrestles as the character “Dizzy”. She is close friends with James Mann and Mal Cavanaugh, and trains with them regularly. She also works as a bartender at a Loop bar where a little objectification goes a long way towards keeping her in a comfortable lifestyle.

While Nicole routinely joins Jim and Mal to train for their wrestling stints, she is facing a plateau in her own development as the fans seem less interested in a woman who can wrestle than in a model who will get into the ring and use wrestling to simply place herself in compromising positions. She’s at a crossroads in deciding whether to succumb to this and simply convert her career into athletic modeling. While the decision remains unforced, she’s striving to have her cake and eat it too.


Nicole Arroyo

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