Strange Bedfellows

Update, yo.

So, I’ve kinda been a bit lax on making this wiki as full as I could. There are quite a few new items that need to be added, some old things that I never quite got around to, and a bunch of little edits that need to get done. I’ve basically been trying to focus mostly on the story and trying to get you guys together. I think what I might do is get to the end of a chapter and take a week long hiatus. During that week, I’ll work on updating what needs to be fixed on the wiki and writing upcoming chapters. Because I will be reacting to the things you guys do, I can’t write out even an entire chapter of the story. Just bits and pieces.
Honestly, I don’t even have an overall arc written out. It just isn’t possible to do with so many variables. But don’t worry. It will all be fine in the end. I have a basic idea of what themes I want the story to convey, and I can adapt myself to your actions while still pushing those major themes and motifs. That’s where the story lies, anyway, not in some rigid set of plot points that must be hit no matter what. You guys create the story as you go. I just supply interesting details. It is kind of a cheat, really. But it works. Best of all, it makes every person invest as much as I do, and that means there’s a greater chance for awesome payoffs for you guys. I don’t plan on letting you down. Promise.
That’s it for now. From the feedback I’m getting, I guess I’m doing a pretty good job of keeping things interesting. Hope I can keep that up.

And So It Begins

Here it is, dudes. Our wiki. This adventure log will be used to give a brief overview of previous “sessions” and scenes, and sometimes little teasers as to where we’re gonna go next. I hope you all enjoy this wiki!


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