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Strange Bedfellows
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This is where the story will be molded into something easier on the eyes. It will be blank until after each scene is played out, transcribed raw, and re-transcribed into narrative form. If you are feeling impatient and creative feel free to take a scene from the raw transcripts and pretty it up, then place it in here in the order in which it belongs. If you’re feeling like you want to show off your badass HTML skillz, link items, players, and anything else you want within the text of the storyline.

The Places We Go
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All the setpieces that the Bedfellows have discovered. All plot-sensitive areas will be described here, as well as smaller areas that the Bedfellows choose to frequent. I encourage all of you to place short descriptions of your homes or other character-specific important places here as well.

The People We Meet
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All those old familiar faces along the way. NPCs, in shorthand. NPCs are sorted by plot-specific and character-specific headers. Also, you can find descriptions of the creatures we face under the heading “Creepy Crawlies”

Strange Bedfellows Illustrations
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Toss up pictures stolen from the web or your own personal art if you feel up to it! Also feel free to toss in pics of special items or any other things that are important to your character (don’t forget to add the slugs to link to the item pages).

Raw Email Transcripts
This is the bank of Emails that will be rewritten in a smoother style and placed above on the Strange Bedfellows page. Pick one and jazz it up, if you’d like. NOTE: we will not be using the Adventure Log for email transcripts like in previous games. The Adventure Log will be instead used like a blog where there will be a synopsis for each previous scene, and perhaps a short teaser for the next scene once we get close to the end of each current one (if I can reasonably predict/guide the flow of the story well enough without railroading).

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